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Festivals in Thailand

Many festivals are linked to Buddhist or Brahman rituals and follow a lunar calendar.

The Thai New Year or Songkran, is celebrated in mid-April by 'Bathing' Buddha images, paying respect to monks and elders by sprinkling water over their hands, and generally tossing a lot of the water in the air for fun. Expect to be soaked unless you want to sit out the fun in a hotel room.

Thailand celebrates the sowing and harvesting of rice. To kick off the official rice-planting season in early May, the King participates in an ancient Brahman ritual in a large field in central Bangkok.

The Rocket Festival is held in May in the country's north-east, using a volatile mixture of bamboo and gunpowder to convince the sky to send rain for the new rice season. The rice harvest from September through to May leads to joyous local celebrations throughout Thailand.


The Vegetarian Festival is celebrated in Phuket and Trang, during which devout Chinese Buddhists eat only vegetarian food and runs for nine days from late-September to early-October. Merit-making processions are the most visible expression of this festival, but there are also ceremonies at Chinese temples.

The Elephant Roundup in Surin in November is an elephantine festival popular with the kind of people who enjoy watching pachyderms play soccer. The Loi Krathong Festival, is held after the rainy season, usually in November where people send off ornate candlelit floral floats into river, lakes and other waterways to bring good fortune for the coming year.

Thai Calendar

In 1940, Thailand moved its New Year's Day from April 13th to January 1st. The old New Year is still a holiday called Songkran. Years are counted as the Buddhist era (B.E.) which started 543 years earlier than the Christian era, therefore 2002 A.D. is the year 2545 B.E.

New Year's Day, 1st January

In Thailand there are three New Year's days. The Western, on Jan 1st, the Chinese New Year on the first day of the First Lunar month, usually in February and the Thai New Year marked by the Songkhran festival in April. Thais usually exchange gifts on January 1st.

January  -  Legends of a Kingdom

Mekong Sunrise The First Sunrise of the Land  Ubon Ratchatani and Amnat Charoen
1st December 2003 - 31st February 2004

San Kamphang: Land of arts and craftsmanship  San Kamphang, Chiang Mai
16th - 18th January 2004

River of Kings  Bangkok
22nd January - 8th February

Bangkok Film Festival  Bangkok
22nd January - 2nd February

February  -  Flower Paradise

Flower Festival  Chiang Mai city, Chiang Mai
6th - 8th February


Carnival and Fireworks   Pattaya City, Chonburi
13th - 15th February

March  - Summer Music and Sports

Thai Kite, Sports and Music Festival  Sanam Luang, Bangkok
1st March - 2nd April

International Drums Festival  Sanam Luang, Bangkok
5th - 7th March

ASEAN Zebra Dove Cooing Competition  Yala Town, Yala
5th - 7th March

Pattaya Music Festival  Pattaya City, Chonburi
19th - 21st March

Thai and International Kite Festival  Hua Hin, Prachuap Kiri Khan
13-14th March

April  - Songkran Spendours

Songkran (Thailand) From Wikipedia

Chiang Mai Arts and Cultural Fair Chiang Mai City
1st - 9th April

Songkran Festival  All provinces
13th - 15th April

May  - Thai Fruit Festival

Royal Poughing Ceremony  Sanam Luang, Bangkok
7th May

Trad Fruits and Products Festival  Trad City, Trad

Rayong Fruits and Products Festival  Rayong City, Rayong
May - June

Chantaburi Fruits and Products Festival  Chantaburi City, Chantaburi
May - June

Rocket Festival  Yasathon City, Yasathon
14th - 16th May

Visakha Bucha Festival - Beginning of Buddhist Lent Bangkok and most provinces
14th - 16th May


June  - Green Adventure

Samui Festival Samui Island, Surathani

Krajiew Flower Festival  Chaiyapum
15th June - 31st July

Hua Hin Jazz Festival Hua Hin, Prachuap Kiri Khan
18th - 20th June

Phi Ta Khon Festival  Dan Sai, Loei
19th - 21st June

July  - Timeless Thailand Elegance

International Pattaya Marathon  Pattaya City, Chonburi
18th July

Flower Alms Offering Festival  Phra Phuttabat, Saraburi
31st July - 1st August

Candle Festival  Ubon Ratchathani City, Ubon Ratchthani
31st July - 1st August

August  - Fun Fair

The Queen's Birthday - Mother's Day Nationwide
12th August

Mountain Bike Championship 2004 Bhumipon Dam, Tak
28th - 29th August

Songkhla Marathon Singhanakhon, Songkhla
29th August


September  - Boat Races

King's Cup Elephant Polo  Somdej Phra Srisuriyothai Camp, Prachuap Kirikan
8th - 12th September

King's Cup Ko Lae Boat Race  Narathiwat City, Narathiwat
21st - 25th September

Yarowat Food Festival  Yarowat (China Town), Bangkok
25th September

October  The Magnificent Mekong River

Vegetarian Festival Phuket Island
13th - 22nd October

Illuminated Boat Procession  Nakon Phanom City, Nakon Phanom
23rd - 27th October

Rup Bua Festival Bang Phli, Samut Prakan
26th - 28th October

Buffalo Race Chonburi City, Chonburi
27th October

Naga Fireball Festival Phon Pisai, Nong Khai
28th October

November  - Loy Krathong

Bua Tong Festival Khun Yaum, Mae Hong Son
14th - 16th May

Sunflower Festival Lopburi and Saraburi
1st November - 14th February 2005

Nan Long-tailed Boat Races Nan City , Nan
6th - 7th November

Surin Elephant Round up Surin City, Surin
20th - 21st November

Loy Krathong & Candle Festival
Sukhomthai and Nationwide
22nd - 26th November

Yi Peng Lantern Festival
Chiang Mai City, Chiang Mai
25th - 27th November

Ploenchit Fair
Suan Suapa, opposite Suan Amporn on Rachadamnoen Nok Road, Bangkok.
Fun for all the family with a taste of Great Britain.

December  - Thailand Extravaganza & Royal Ceremonies

Of all the wonders of Thailand nothing can equal the love and respect of the people for their King

Trooping of the Colour
Their Majesties the King and Queen preside over this annual event
which is held in the Royal Plaza, Bangkok.
2nd December

H.M. King's Birthday - Father's Day
People demonstrate their respect for King with flags, displays and other tributes.
Sanam Luang, Bangkok
5th December

Constitution Day
This marks the day in 1932, when the monarchy became constitutional,
the very beginning of democracy on Thailand.
10th December

Fishing Festival
Trat province
10th - 12th December

Ayutthaya World Heritage Celebration
Phra Nakon, Si Ayutthaya
13th - 19th December

Night Paradise and Countdown to 2005
Had Yai, Song Khla
31st December


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